Being An Executive

Hello Fellow Executive

If you want to keep your executive management skills at the top level, this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read. Here’s why….

Senior executive and CEO positons can be scary places to be if you feel your management skills are not keeping pace with best practices.

I know how you feel. My first senior executive position scared me to death. Even now, after more than 30 years of being a senior executive and consultant to others, I sometimes feel I could do better if I had a few tips from some of those other business leaders I see at industry functions.

When you subscribe to our free Inside Exec podcasts you can:

  • hear from practical experience, the techniques we have used around the world to help senior executives just like you, without spending hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on conferences or workshops;
  • come back again and again to master a particular area of management (not have to learn it in a couple of hours in a room with dozens of others);
  • develop your skills in an anonymous environment;
  • utilise the rare spare moments in your life or multi-task, rather than have to find a block of time
    for this activity.

You Can Be A Step Ahead Of Your Industry Peers

By subscribing to our podcasts you have access, any time, from anywhere in the world, to our full range of discussions and topics.

A continually updated executive management resource at your fingertips…….literally!

That’s what Inside-Exec is all about.

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You don’t have to wait up to 12 months for the next conference and hope it contains something useful. Every week, here at Inside-Exec, we add a new podcast episode. Many of these feature a special guest with specific expertise.

You don’t have to spend time and money travelling to attend conferences in the hope of mastering a new management strategy in the few hours allocated for a workshop or presentation.

Here’s Why You Should Subscribe Today

Every champion in every field has at least one coach or mentor. If you truly want to be a Champion executive, you should have a mentor too!

Fulyana and I have put together all the resources here at Inside-Exec ourselves. All are based on our years and years of experience as managers, mentors and consultants at every level of organisations from owner operators to multi-national corporations across the world.
We are both constantly updating our skills and want to share what we learn from other business leaders around the world so you can enjoy the challenge of executive life and the rewards it can bring.

I understand how important it is to have executive management reference material easily at hand. I, too, want to be able to go back again and again to discussions for a particular topic, especially if I only need to think about it once or twice a year. I know that is important for you, also.

But you don’t just have to take my word for it. Here’s what some existing subscribers say:

“Incredible work and attention to practical examples. This is really needed.”

“Wish it had been around when I first started bumbling along. Definitely using it to keep myself updated.”

“It is very professionally presented but easy to listen to and will only help lift management standards.”

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Here’s What You Get

  • Easy, full access to the podcasts via iTunes or Stitcher 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year;
  • Proven executive management techniques explained with reference to practical experience;
  • Weekly updated podcasts with special “expert” guests

Now think about what it would cost for you to attend just one conference to learn one executive management technique. Even without travel, attending a workshop with a world class presenter is going to be $5000 – and you will be in a room with up to 20 others, all trying to take notes AND remember it for when you want to use it in the future.

What about a magazine subscription? Any of the reputable management magazines will set you back $100 plus a year for 3 or 4 issues that each might contain 1 technique in amongst all the advertising and articles, often more focused on events than management issues.

And finding out the latest executive management techniques? There are certainly textbooks out there, mostly written by academics for graduate students, with an average price of more than $350.

Compare each of these with a monthly investment in your management skills of a total of 90 minutes (spread over as much or as little time as you can spare for each session)- an investment that gives you access to much much more than one technique, one magazine or one book. Our podcast subscription is free because we recognise that your time is a more valuable resource to you than any dollar amount we could charge.

And I’m so confident of the value of our information that if you don’t find it useful, you can cancel your subscription to the podcasts at any time. What have you got you got to lose?

If you have any doubts whatsoever about subscribing to the Inside-Exec podcasts, here’s what I recommend. Don’t decide now if it’s for you. Just try it out. Give it a whirl. You’ll have time to think about it and it doesn’t cost a single dollar.
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Wishing you every management success

Kim Baillie (and Fulyana Orsborn)

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