Hello Fellow Executive

Senior executive and CEO positons can be scary places to be if you feel your management skills are not keeping pace with best practices.

We have put together all the resources here at Inside-Exec with you in mind. All are based on our years and years of experience as managers, mentors and consultants at every level of organisations from owner operators to multi-national corporations across the world.

We are both constantly updating our skills and want to share what we learn from other business leaders around the world so you can enjoy the challenge of executive life and the rewards it can bring.



Draw Your Reality

This week we take a look at a TedX talk from over 10 years ago. It has real relevance to ...
Karan Ferrell Rhodes_Headshot_4

Karan Ferrell-Rhodes Part 3

In our conclusion to this three part discussion with Karan, Kim and Fulyana learn about the qualities we should be ...
Karan Ferrell Rhodes_Headshot_4

Karan Ferrell-Rhodes Part 2

As we continue our discussion with Karan Ferrell-Rhodes, this week we explore ways to create a leadership brand as well ...
Karan Ferrell Rhodes_Headshot_4

Karan Ferrell-Rhodes Part 1

This week we begin a 3 part discussion with Karan Ferrell-Rhodes about leadership in the current organisational environment. Karan is ...

Feedback and Questions About Trustworthiness Measurement

Last week we suggested a couple of Simon Sinek videos for you to watch and then send through your thoughts ...

Building Leadership And Trust

It's been over 2 years since we reviewed some Simon Sinek content about leadership qualities. Here are two recent videos ...
Gary Ross

Gary Ross Part 3

In the final part of our discussion with Gary Ross we actually get to Question 2 of the list we ...
Gary Ross

Gary Ross Part 2

Does your organisation use a "style manual"? Are you expected to conform to a particular way of communicating in writing ...
Gary Ross

Gary Ross Part 1

This week Kim begins a communications journey with Gary Ross whilst Fulyana is away. With a wealth of practical experience ...
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For those of you who are not yet aware, Fulyana's daughter passed away suddenly at the end of October. We appreciate your understanding in allowing the family their privacy at this devastating time.