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Brandon Wilson Part 1

Brandon Wilson

This week Kim and Fulyana begin a 3 part discussion with Brandon Wilson about sabotage at work. It’s a topic that is all pervasive but rarely talked about, so let’s get the conversation happening!

Brandon Wilson is one of the world’s best communicators and a sought-after executive consultant. His impact has helped leaders realize daring pursuits — from building college campuses to addressing global wealth disparities. But more than this, Brandon is a survivor of leadership sabotage. His bout with betrayal, theft and deceit cost him more than $600,000, and threatened his livelihood in an unthinkable way. Brandon’s experience has taught him that despite a leader’s talent level, having an inability to survive leadership sabotage can stop anyone from realizing their full potential.

Over the last 15 years, Brandon has offered game-changing leadership insights to some of the world’s most influential executives and companies. His leadership consultancy has impacted more than 100 chief executives, and has positioned leaders to address massive global challenges. Today, he is committed to helping leaders limit the forces in their lives that seek to hinder their influence, impact and legacy.

You can get a copy of his latest book by visiting his website: