May 28, 2020

Nick Gorman

This week Kim and Fulyana begin a three part discussion with Nick Gorman about mental health for senior executives.

Nick shares his journey through the executive levels, high stress and performance world of banking and finance that has now resulted in his own business aptly titled “Equilibrium At Work”.

In Part 1 we hear what has already been rewarding for Nick with his business as well as some very personal insights into the experiences that led him to identify the need for the service he now provides.

Nick is the Founder and Principal at Equilibrium at Work, a business which provides independent career and personal counsel for working professionals, focussing on wellbeing, career advice and work life balance.

Having worked for 22 years in the financial industry with several global Investment banks, including Citi, BAML and Macquarie Bank, Nick decided to make a radical change.

Despite a very young family and no clear professional path, he chose to follow his dream of setting up a business that provided a service to improve the lives of working professionals.  Nick believed that there was an acute shortage of offerings that allowed individuals the chance to share their current experiences, both work and personal, with an independent confidential source.

Acutely aware of the challenges and pitfalls of the corporate environment and having battled through his own mental health challenges within that world, Nick has now created a “one stop shop” offering, that allows individuals the opportunity to discuss all things career and personal with a mental health overlay”.

To contact Nick, please visit his website Equilibrium At Work