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From time to time, our podcasts include an executive we feel has some interesting experience and insight to share with you. You can read about these guests and find a link to the podcast/s featuring them at the end of their profile.

Coming up in December 2019…..Guests for 2020 will be announced!

Ben Baker (International Series)

Ben spoke with us in September 2019 from Canada

Ben BakerStorytelling has always been a way of life for Ben. From a young age, he realized that through telling stories, people listened to him, understood him and engaged.

Professionally, this is what he has been doing now for over two decades. He helps brands tell engaging stories that compel their customers to take action. His mission is to have brands “STOP being a commodity. . . instead, be a brand worth loving!”

You can listen to Part 1 of our discussion by clicking here.

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Lyle Tard (International Series)

Lyle spoke with us in September 2019 from Philadelphia, USA

Lyle TardLyle is a 19 year military veteran and Servant Leadership Catalyst. He has advised commanders and leaders on high level military decisions and currently guides presidents of companies through Servant Leadership behaviors and principles.

Lyle believes that every person has significant worth and value. Everybody. The winners in life are the ones that make it their mission to discover it, especially in those who can’t or won’t see it. We exist to make substantial IMPACT™ in our world, by touching the 7 billion versions of the world trapped inside of others.

You can listen to Part 1 of our discussion by clicking here.

You can listen to Part 2 of our discussion by clicking here.

Alexander Lowry (International Series)

Alexander spoke with us in August 2019 from Massachusetts, USA

Alexander LowryAlexander is a professor of finance at Gordon College and also the Director for the school’s Master of Science in Financial Analysis program.

He moved into education after 4.5 years working on Wall Street (as a COO at JPMorgan in New York). This was an uber competitive environment and the program he leads now helps prepare people for this environment.

He decided to trade in the corporate world to be an entrepreneur. Anyone can start a company, Alexander decided to change an industry. Specifically, he moved to academia to help a small college build a huge new business.

Gordon College recently launched a brand new one-year master’s in financial analysis. Alexander is leading (and teaching) the program. The goal is to disrupt the MBA industry.

Business school is a daunting proposition – two years of lost wages combined with ~$200,000 in debt. Knowing all that (especially from his experience as a Wharton MBA) Alexander joined Gordon College to launch an innovative one-year master’s program. It’s turning the MBA model on its head. This is a one-year accelerated masters with tuition ~$30,000. So only one year of lost earnings, significantly less debt, and you’re moving into a lucrative career field.

Everyone talks about getting an MBA. But most don’t actually need it – they need something more refined in focus.

You can listen to Part 1 of our discussion by clicking here

You can listen to Part 2 of our discussion by clicking here

Taylor Proctor (International Series)

Taylor spoke with us in July 2019 from Utah, USA

Taylor ProctorTaylor is a director in a marketing organization and previous to working in this role, she was in a highly competitive marketing agency. In the agency setting, she saw everyone as a challenger/competitor, and it  was making her work life miserable. The wins were amazing but short-lived and the losses coloured her view of the company and culture.

Changing companies, provided an opportunity to explore how Taylor could achieve at a high level while taking a different attitude and approach to foster a better personal and company culture. She embraced a direction of expressing vulnerability and it worked. Taylor’s performance soared, she was selected to lead new teams for huge clients in new company capabilities, as well as leading employee resource committees for women and an initiative to foster more happiness and gratitude in the workplace. Where Taylor had thought she needed to be perfect to be competitive, she discovered that embracing imperfection was what truly transformed her career.

Part 1 is available by clicking here

Part 2 is available by clicking here

Part 3 is available by clicking here

Paul Comfort (International Series)

Paul spoke with us in July 2019 from Washington DC, USA

Paul ComfortPaul is a former CEO of two county governments and of the MTA in Maryland. He currently hosts an international podcast Transit Unplugged that exclusively interviews CEOs and has just published a book called Full Throttle – Living Your Life and Career To The Max With No Regrets. In the book, Paul and nine other CEOs describe stories and situations from their careers and lives where they had to go “full throttle” in order to achieve great success.

You can listen to Part 1 by clicking here.

You can listen to Part 2 by clicking here.

You van find out more about Paul from his website PaulComfort.org

Ken “Mr Biz” Wentworth (International Series)

Ken WentworthKen spoke with us in July 2019 from Ohio, USA

Ken has 20+ years experience successfully climbing the corporate ladder at a Fortune 15 company (JP Morgan Chase). When he left there, he was in the top 3% of employees. From there, Ken started a business and then a 2nd so he’s faced those “battles” as well.

Added to that is Ken’s competitive athletic experience in the powerlifting world for ~20 years. He has set 6 World Records and won many World & National Championships during his career.

You can listen to Part 1 of our discussion by clicking here.

You can listen to Part 2 of our discussion by clicking here.

You can find out more about Ken from his website by clicking here

Brian Collins (International Series)

Brian CollinsBrian spoke with us in June 2019 from Florida, USA.

A former Disney Imagineer, now an Innovation Consultant, Brian is an expert at driving innovation and design thinking within organizations.

He loves to speak about why creativity and innovation are important, how everyone innovates all the time–and how we can recognize this trait and apply it to not only business, but life.  In other words, why it’s important for us to continually fill up our “mental filing cabinets”.

You can listen to Part 1 of our discussion by clicking here.

You can listen to Part 2 of our discussion by clicking here.

You can find out more about Brian from his website The Brainstorm Institute.

Maura Sweeney (International Series)

Maura SweeneyMaura spoke with us in June 2019 from Florida, USA.

Maura is an author, international speaker and frequent media guest on the topic of Leadership. In her past life, she had time in executive recruiting to Fortune 500 clients and a decade in leadership at two national corporations, earning the Chairman’s Award as the #1 branch manager of the year at age 27.

By her own admission, it’s been a long time since, but her life is one of natural mentoring.  Maura loves to speak about the unseen side of leadership: dignity, integrity and advocacy.

You can listen to Part 1 of our conversation by clicking here.

You can listen to Part 2 of our conversation by clicking here.

You can find out more about Maura from her website by clicking here.

Bishoy Tadros (International Series)

Bishoy TadrosBishoy spoke with us in May 2019 from Portugal.

Bishoy challenges us to think about the tenets of patience, purpose and perspective. He shares a wealth of experience and inspiration from his own life with both honesty and humour.

You can listen to Part 1 of our conversation by clicking here

You can listen to Part 2 of our conversation by clicking here.

You can find out more about Bishoy from his website by clicking here

Beck CofrancescoRebecca (Beck) Cofrancesco

Beck spoke with us in March 2019

Beck is a marketing strategist and content creator.
She works with CEO’s and Heads of Marketing to support their business goals with marketing plans and delivery of content.

For more details visit Beck’s Marketing Goodness website.

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Jamie Wadley

Jamie spoke with us again (after a 3 year gap) in February 2019.

Jamie Wadley Marketing Coach 2019

Jamie has recently commenced a 5 year Government appointment to a Land Manager Board (previously called a Crown Land Trust).

He continues to provide marketing coaching for businesses of all sizes and keep an eye on his beloved Alfa Romeos (both here and in their country of origin)!

You can listen to Part 1 by clicking here

You can listen to Part 2 by clicking here.

If you would like to hear our conversation from 2016, you will find the links further down this page.

Rodney Watson OAM

Rodney Watson OAMRodney spoke with us in May 2018.

Rodney is a currently Board Member of Netball NSW. He has held numerous positions in both netball and hockey associations in Australia at the same time holding down senior management positions in both State and Federal Public Services.

At one time he also had a take away business in Coolangatta in Queensland.

With such a varied management experience over so many years, it is interesting to hear the similarities between business and sports management, the lessons learned early and the importance of governance wherever you have an organisation whether it is not-for-profit or commercial in nature.

You can listen to Part 1 by clicking here

You can listen to Part 2 by clicking here

You can listen to Part 3 by clicking here

Daniel Hakim

Daniel HakimDaniel spoke with us in April 2018

Daniel Hakim is a business owner based in Sydney. He has always had a love of cars – this developed from an apprenticeship followed by working “on the tools” for a few years before he was approached to buy a business where he had previously worked (all before he was 25).

For over 10 years he has developed the business into a successful combined retail and wholesale outlet with a close knit team despite the challenges of and changes to the automotive mechanical industry.

You can listen to Part 1 of our discussion by clicking here

You can listen to Part 2 of our discussion by clicking here

 Trish Nicklin

Trish NicklinTrish spoke with us in August 2017

Trish Nicklin has been practicing Transformation, Change, Communications, Leadership, Corporate Relationships and People Management in the Financial Services industry professionally for over 25 years and as a volunteer in Sporting organizations and Not For profit associations for over a decade.

After returning to and graduating from university with a Post-Graduate Degree in Business leadership; Trish set out on her own, creating her own corporate advisory business – CriticalQ, in 2017.
CriticalQ aims to help Business and ‘Not for Profit’ leaders re-wire their thinking, in order to make better and more informed decisions. This year Trish will continue her studies with the Fellowship of Transformation program at the Australian National University.

With a focus on “getting to the point, in an easy, fun and friendly manner” Trish is a regular public speaker and presenter on Leadership, Change Management, Transformation, Sporting Governance and various professional topics relative to governance, relationships and people.

You can listen to Part 1 of our discussion by clicking here 

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Trisca Scott-Branigan

Trisca Scott-BraniganTrisca is spoke with us in  August 2017.

Trisca Scott-Branagan is ranked the #7 most innovative CMO in Australia by the CMO Council (2016). For over 20 years, Trisca has worked across financial and professional services in marketing and business development roles. This includes working 10 years for Deloitte, where she held Global roles and was based in New York for a number of years. She is currently the Executive Director of Marketing at Deakin University, Australia’s leading university in online courses.

Trisca leads a team of 70 marketing and business development professionals. In a sector that is increasingly competitive, global and digital, this team’s remit is to develop and deliver the University’s marketing and brand strategy, and to attract and convert students to choose Deakin University as their preferred place of study.  Trisca also serves as a board member of ADMA and IAPA, and is an Industry Advisory Board Member to Deakin University School of Marketing and Marketing Magazine.

You can listen to Part 1 of our discussion by clicking here

You can listen to Part 2 of our discussion by clicking here

You can listen to Part 3 of our discussion by clicking here


Geraldine King

Geraldine KingGeraldine spoke with us in early March 2017 in Sydney 

Geraldine King started her working life as nurse at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney, later working in Accident and Emergency. After completing her Arts degree, majoring in Communications and Human Bioscience, she “fell” into a workplace health and safety (WHS) role by accident – relieving a friend who was working what was known as the OHS nurse. Geraldine absolutely loved that job, and has worked in various WHS roles since including several years as both a consultant and employee, for private and public organisations.

Geraldine has always been particularly interested in the promotion of health, both mental and physical,  in workplaces. Work Health and Safety has shifted, over recent years and there is now greater emphasis on mentally healthy workplaces. She believes that people who work in WHS and Wellbeing and HR, are uniquely placed to advocate for employees who are experiencing physical or mental health issues.

You can listen to Part 1 of our discussion by clicking here.

You can listen to Part 2 of our discussion by clicking here.


Libby Pease

Libby PeaseLibby spoke with us in late October 2016 in Sydney.

Libby Pease has worked in the field of health, safety and workers compensation for over 25 years. During that time she has trans-versed a number of legislative changes in the health, safety and workers compensation arena.

Libby has worked in a diverse range of industries; agriculture, pharmaceuticals, gas utility, information technology and finance. She gained her health and safety qualification from the University of New England.

You can listen to Part 1 of our discussion by clicking here.

Part 2 of our discussion is available by clicking here.


Anna Mirzayan

Anna MirzayanAnna spoke with us in October 2016 in Sydney.

Anna Mirzayan has an 18+ year career in marketing, communication and branding.  During this time she has held senior positions in industries ranging from membership associations, education institutions, training organisations to insurance and financial services organisations. Her roles included General Manager Marketing and Membership for The Tax Institute, National Manager Marketing for Kaplan, National Marketing Manager roles for Finsia, The Securities Institute of Australia and Educom Australia and prior to that with Citibank and Lend Lease Corporation. Anna is an accomplished Toastmaster and serves as President of Balgowlah Toastmasters.  She now shares her experience in public speaking by training corporate executives to become more engaging and confident speakers.

Today Anna runs her own consultancy business working with organisations to help them position, differentiate & manage their brands; develop sound marketing strategies, launch new products, as well as running corporate public speaking courses.

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Jamie Wadley

Jamie spoke with us in June 2016 in Mosman (NSW).

Jamie Wadley has over 25 years experience in a broad range of industries from auction houses to international banks in areas as diverse as remote camera monitoring in pipelines to outdoor promotional material for “sky high dinners”. He has worked in the corporate arena as both a specialist and a consultant, these days enjoying the entrepreneur approach to all his varied interests. As an early adopter of internet based business he has been able to develop strategies and platforms for many of his clients as well as pursue interests of his own.

Today he provides marketing coaching to a select group of clients whilst also enjoying his other great love, sailing – particularly racing.

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 David Skillen

David Skillen

David spoke with us in February 2016 in Gosford (NSW).

David has thirty five year career in banking and finance covering Australia, Asia, USA, U.K., and Africa. During that time David held very senior and challenging positions at Barclays, Citigroup and American Express. These included CEO for Cards in Asia-Pacific, and COO for Cards internationally and Asia Head of Operations and Technology all at Citigroup. As the CEO for Barclays Retail and Business bank David’s responsibility covered 13 countries in Africa; as well as large technology and operations roles such as Global Chief Operating Officer for Barclays Retail and Commercial Bank. These roles included setting the culture for success with responsibilities across 50,000 staff. 
Today David serves on the board of a major international bank operations company, is senior advisor to Essex Lake Group, advises KPMG Consulting in the banking space, holds senior office in the structure of the International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation, and chairs investment vehicles in the Australian WatersSports industry.
He is a Foundation Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (FAICD) and Senior Member of the Australian Computer Society (MACS(Snr))

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Matt Wenberg

Matt Wenberg

Matt spoke to us via phone in February 2016 from his base in Cairns, Queensland.

Matt Wenberg’s passion for aviation started at a very young age, he was able to fly a plane before he was old enough to apply for a driving permit.  His discussion with us covers his journey from apprentice to MBA, the importance of teamwork, building relationships, producing high quality work, time management and customer service. We also hear about his recent completion of the Kokoda Trail Challenge.

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Josh and Krystle Hockley

Josh and Krystle Hockley

Josh and Krystle spoke with us in November 2015 in Wangi Wangi (NSW).

Josh and Krystle Hockley are elite triathletes. They were not always………in fact, their journeys both individually and together have taken very different paths that include rodeos and motor bikes, broken vertebrae and competition crashes but these days they have an inspiring passion for life and all its challenges. Juggling time and commitment for unrelated businesses and the pursuit of sporting excellence is just one of our topics of conversation.

We talked for so long, there are three podcasts. Here is the first:


Part 2 is now available:


Part 3 is now available:



Denis Gambi

Denis Gambi

Denis talked with us in late September 2015 in Sydney.

Denis Gambi has over 20 years of financial services experience leading businesses and large teams through some of the most exciting growth and transformational initiatives. He has held executive and non-executive positions with leading institutions including Citigroup, Australian Wealth Management, Lehman Brothers, Westpac and AMP Capital. A graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, he holds an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management and Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering.

Denis talked with us about characteristics we believe all business leaders should possess and what it’s like working for some of the top tier companies at a senior executive level – What they have in common, what are the major differences. You can hear our discussions by clicking on the links below:




Nick Plummer

Nick Plummer

Nick chatted with us in early September 2015 in Sydney.

Nick Plummer has consulted in career transition and coaching since 1990. He started his career in the fast moving consumer goods area, working with Kellogg in Australia, USA and UK in Marketing roles. He was General Manager Sales and Marketing within the Goodman Fielder Group.
Nick is one of the founders of Directioneering. Previously, Nick worked for three other career transition firms and most recently managed the NSW operation of Right Management D&A. His specialty is helping large organisations to restructure and working with Senior Executives in transition.

Nick holds an Honours degree in Business and is a qualified counsellor. He is also a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Nick discussed how to know when is the right time to change jobs or careers, successful career transitions and the usefulness of outplacement services for both executives and companies. You can hear our discussions by clicking on either of these links:




John EddyJohn Eddy

John chatted with us in July 2015 during a brief visit to Sydney from his business base in Taiwan.

He is an experienced Senior HR & Talent Management Executive with broad experience across a range of HR disciplines and front line HR roles with top brand companies in Australia and Asia.

Key Competencies

  • Cultural alignment strategies particularly in Asia – drive alignment and empowerment of employees across merged business & organisations;
  • Executive Coaching/ Mentoring senior executives and a cross-section of employees – attract, develop and retain top talent and build strong team members via formalised interventions;
  • Talent Management, Development & Retention strategies – develop and manage high potential & management associate/graduate development programs to attract & retain talent;
  • Implement Gender Diversity strategies – proactively support the recruitment, development & promotion of women into business roles;
  • Innovative and change oriented – initiates and embraces new opportunities, open minded and flexible to achieve tangible outcomes and champions cultural change strategies focussed on customer alignment and employee engagement;
  • Knowledge of the Business – thorough knowledge of finance, marketing, operations in order to link HR actions more effectively to the business strategy;
  • Human Resources Best Practices – proactively initiates change in HR practices/policies when needed to meet the needs of the business & employees;
  • Personal Credibility – demonstrates behaviours that convey competence, integrity, accountability & confidentiality that earns the trust and respect of line managers and employees.

John discussed the value of mentoring in the retention of senior executives. You can hear our discussion by clicking on either of these links: