Alexander Lowry

Alexander Lowry

Alexander spoke with us in August 2019 from Massachusetts, USA

Alexander is a professor of finance at Gordon College and also the Director for the school’s Master of Science in Financial Analysis program.

He moved into education after 4.5 years working on Wall Street (as a COO at JPMorgan in New York). This was an uber competitive environment and the program he leads now helps prepare people for this environment.

He decided to trade in the corporate world to be an entrepreneur. Anyone can start a company, Alexander decided to change an industry. Specifically, he moved to academia to help a small college build a huge new business.

Gordon College recently launched a brand new one-year master’s in financial analysis. Alexander is leading (and teaching) the program. The goal is to disrupt the MBA industry.

Business school is a daunting proposition – two years of lost wages combined with ~$200,000 in debt. Knowing all that (especially from his experience as a Wharton MBA) Alexander joined Gordon College to launch an innovative one-year master’s program. It’s turning the MBA model on its head. This is a one-year accelerated masters with tuition ~$30,000. So only one year of lost earnings, significantly less debt, and you’re moving into a lucrative career field.

Everyone talks about getting an MBA. But most don’t actually need it – they need something more refined in focus.

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