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Geraldine King

Geraldine King

Geraldine spoke with us in early March 2017 in Sydney 

Geraldine King started her working life as nurse at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney, later working in Accident and Emergency. After completing her Arts degree, majoring in Communications and Human Bioscience, she “fell” into a workplace health and safety (WHS) role by accident – relieving a friend who was working what was known as the OHS nurse. Geraldine absolutely loved that job, and has worked in various WHS roles since including several years as both a consultant and employee, for private and public organisations.

Geraldine has always been particularly interested in the promotion of health, both mental and physical,  in workplaces. Work Health and Safety has shifted, over recent years and there is now greater emphasis on mentally healthy workplaces. She believes that people who work in WHS and Wellbeing and HR, are uniquely placed to advocate for employees who are experiencing physical or mental health issues.

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