Josh Elledge

Josh Elledge

Josh spoke with us in August 2020 from Orlando, Florida USA

A few years back, I found myself between jobs, staring into the abyss of financial ruin, and r-e-a-l-l-y stretching the family budget.

At a loss for what “next step” I could see for myself in Corporate America, I decided instead to create a business that my own family needed, and, I suspected, many others did as well. is now well-established as a digital consumer advocacy and lifestyle brand, to help people find deals and save money.

As I began to grow SavingsAngel I used my PR experience as a U.S. Navy journalist to become an influencer in the field.

Having side-stepped a potentially ruinous PR budget for my own startup company, I knew I could pass on my PR magic tricks to other business owners and entrepreneurs, and help them dramatically reduce costs while piloting their venture to success and becoming an influencer in their field.

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You can contact Josh directly as he mentions in the final podcast via his website Up My Influence.

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