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Karan Ferrell-Rhodes

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Karan spoke with us from the USA in August 2023.

Karan Ferrell-Rhodes is the leading thinker on driving impact and influence through differentiated leadership. She is the founder of Shockingly Different Leadership (SDL), a global human capital professional services firm that helps corporations execute business-critical Learning & Development, HR, and Organizational Effectiveness initiatives. She has worked with CXOs and executive teams at companies such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, British Petroleum, Facebook, EY, Raymond James, Major League Baseball (MLB), and Major League Soccer (MLS).She is a renowned coach for executive and HIPO leaders.

A frequent contributor to Forbes.com and is the host of Pivots-n-Perspectives, a series which provides an insider’s look into how leaders and their workforces in today’s companies are constantly evolving in order to do their best work.

When not traveling the globe, Karan enjoys serving on numerous non-profit boards, planning intimate dinners with family & friends, critiquing movies, watching American football, and savoring a fine glass of chardonnay.

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