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Nick Jonsson

Nick Jonsson

Nick spoke with us from Singapore in September 2022.

Nick is the Co-Founder and MD of one of Asia’s premiere networking organizations. He has built a caring community that provides hundreds of executives a safe haven to share their challenges and receive support and learn from each other.
Having worked across Asia, Australia and Europe representing major international firms, Nick has acquired international general management, direct sales and marketing experience. Nick has also been entrusted to serve as the Vice-Chairman of the Nordic Chamber of Commerce in Ho Chi Minh City and the Vice Chairman of the Direct Selling Committee Vietnam.
Nick is active in charitable and fundraising organizations to give back and support his local community.

Nick volunteers and fundraises for the Samaritans (SOS) – a suicide prevention hotline in Singapore. He is also engaged in doing community
service for a support group for senior executives where he is assisting people who are suffering from executive loneliness. This topic is close to Nick’s heart and he has spoken on several radio stations and in multiple conferences and company events on the topic.

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