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Paul Cuatrecasas

Paul spoke with us from London in October 2020.

Paul is an experienced facilitator of over 50 large-scale mergers and acquisitions and many corporate finance advisory and strategic consultancy assignments. He’s helped established companies plumb the crucial connection between the acquisition of technology and dominating their industries to make amazing gains in market share.

In his book, Go Tech, or Go Extinct, Paul shares his revolutionary approach to transforming legacy corporations into forward-thinking industry leaders through the strategic acquisition of disruptive technology companies. He is an entrepreneur, investment banker and strategic advisor to CEOs, senior executives, boards and shareholders of companies operating in or interested in the Technology and Digital industry sectors.

Paul is on a mission to help large, established, non-tech companies partner with technology companies to avoid being blindsided by exponential change.

By acquiring the right technology, established companies can avoid being disrupted by tech companies. They can disrupt their own industry over time, creating exponentially increasing market value and dominating their industry for the next decade and beyond.

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