Trish Nicklin

Trish Nicklin

Trish spoke with us in August 2017

Trish Nicklin has been practicing Transformation, Change, Communications, Leadership, Corporate Relationships and People Management in the Financial Services industry professionally for over 25 years and as a volunteer in Sporting organizations and Not For profit associations for over a decade.

After returning to and graduating from university with a Post-Graduate Degree in Business leadership; Trish set out on her own, creating her own corporate advisory business – CriticalQ, in 2017.
CriticalQ aims to help Business and ‘Not for Profit’ leaders re-wire their thinking, in order to make better and more informed decisions. This year Trish will continue her studies with the Fellowship of Transformation program at the Australian National University.

With a focus on “getting to the point, in an easy, fun and friendly manner” Trish is a regular public speaker and presenter on Leadership, Change Management, Transformation, Sporting Governance and various professional topics relative to governance, relationships and people.

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