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Special 100th Episode – Part 1

100th Episode Part 2

John Eddy

John Eddy

To celebrate the 100th episode of Inside-Exec podcasts, Kim and Fulyana are joined by previous guests John Eddy, Nick Plummer, Josh and Krystle Hockley to discuss their thoughts on work and business.



Nick Plummer

Nick Plummer

Part 1 of this series looks at what they individually see happening for them in the next five years as well as the importance of developing a “personal brand”.

Can you have more than one “personal brand”, how do you manage it and should you change it as you change your goals, targets and activities?



Josh and Krystle Hockley

This panel discussion was recorded in Sydney in mid January 2018. Links to the original individual episodes for each of these guests can be found in the full podcast listing on this site.






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